My Latest Beauty Buys: Laura Lee’s Palette, Ofra Highlighter, Milani Lip Scrub

Payday is my favourite day of the month. Payday means I can log into my BeautyBay account and fill my basket with goodies while angels sing around me, not a worry in the world.

 The first thing I bought is something I definitely needed as this is a problem area for me. I unfortunately have ‘seasonal flu’ all year round so dry lips are a definite issue for me. I haven’t been able to find a decent lip scrub or maybe I just depended on my Carmex way too much, but Melani’s Keep It Sweet Lip Scrub is uh-mazing. The scrub cost me £10, not the cheapest one on the market but it’s still less expensive than the likes of Jeffree Star and Tarte. Definitely a win for me!

I also bought the Glazed Donut highlighter by Ofra, which is an extension to their Everglow collaboration with the queen NikkieTutorials. I was super excited to receive this, since pretty much everybody loves it. I paid £25 for this highlighter, again a little pricey since it’s a single highlighter but OH LORD, it’s so pigmented! This highlighter definitely requires a light hand, unless you want to blind people then girl, go HAM.

This week, I finally got around to ordering Laura Lee’s Nudie Patootie palette. Not only is the palette visually pleasing with its millennial pink colour scheme, but the shades themselves are dreamy.  I paid £38 for this but while I think it’s quite expensive for a new indie brand, the palette is really high quality and the pans are a great mixture of mattesshimmers and two GORGEOUS foils. I adore Laura, she’s one of my favourite Youtubers so major props to her for this awesome palette.


What recent beauty buys have you made lately? I’m always looking for inspiration so let me know in the comments below!

Love, Beth x

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