August Birchbox Unboxing: First Impressions

Hi guys!

It’s subscription box time! This month, Birchbox’s theme is ‘Live a Life Beautiful’ – embracing the moments that make life happy. They also teamed up with Etsy this month alongside 10 of their sellers to help create August’s boxes.

The actual boxes were designed by the Etsy sellers, the box I received was designed by Constance and Clay who sell cute weekly keyboard planners, greetings cards and cushion covers. Be sure to check out their page!

As with every month I received 5 products, 2 of which are full size. My first impression? It looks very similar to boxes I’ve had previously from Birchbox.

August Birchbox Products
  1. The first item was a full size eyeshadow crayon by Dirty Little Secret. This retails for £10.50 and mine came in the shade Fetch, a champagne pink/gold shimmer. It’s a nice colour but isn’t anything exciting, I would only use this as a base colour since the pigment is not there to be used on it’s own. Not to mention, that it was only last month that they also sent out eyeshadow crayons!
  2. Next was the CLÉ Cosmetic ‘Melting Lip Powder’ in Red Cherry, which retails for £15.00. When first reading the description it sounded like a cool concept, in reality? Not so good. The colour was nasty, and faded after around 30 minutes of wear. Fail.
  3. I also received the Dr. Botanicals ‘Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask’, this is full size and retails for £14.90. My first thought of this was, “this smells great.” When I first tried the mask it did feel quite thick on my face but that one was my fault, it does say on the instructions to apply a thin layer before bed. So I tried it again the next night with a smaller amount and my skin felt really good the next morning.
  4. My next product was the philosophy ‘purity 3-in-1 cleanser’. Retails for £19.00 and I received the mini version of this. I have tried their shower gels before and they are great so I was pretty excited when I opened my box and saw this. The smell is nothing spectacular but I noticed after I cleansed my face with it that my skin felt really clean and smooth.
  5. The last product was Rituals ‘Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel’. Another repeat. I received another foaming gel two months ago by Rituals, and while they both smell great…I now have 2 bottles of a mediocre product. The gels wash well but I found that I had a residue on my skin after my shower. The point of subscription boxes is to try new products, I don’t like the idea of repeated items.

All in all, I’m pretty disappointed with this box. If I’m paying £10 a month (not including the postage every month) I don’t want to get the same products every month, I also would prefer more makeup than bathing products. That being said, if you’re into skincare, these subscription boxes would be ideal for you and I would definitely recommend it as the boxes I have had previously have been a lot better than this one.

I have decided to cancel my subscription to Birchbox. I can’t justify the payment if I’m only enjoying 2 products out of 5, and one of those products will be empty after a few uses. I have nothing against Birchbox but this isn’t suited to me. And so, the hunt continues!

What would your ideal subscription box look like? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Love, Beth x


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