August Beauty Buys: Spectrum X Disney Minnie Mouse Brush Collection

Hi guys!

So, Spectrum announced a few weeks ago they were launching their latest brush collection and as if I don’t love makeup enough…it’s a Minnie Mouse collection! On July 29th they released the initial photos on Instagram and I instantly fell in love. The collection included:

  • Minnie Camera Bag with 8x Brush Set
  • Minnie Polka Dot Pouch with 8x Brush Set
  • A Belted Bag
  • Vanity Case
  • A Handheld Mirror

You also have the option to buy the 8 individual brushes, they don’t come as a set without one of the bags. They are pretty decently priced, ranging from £5.99 to £9.99.


I bought the Polka Dot Pouch and Brush Set, and it came to £44.99. It took around a week from the placing the order for the set to arrive, which is a little longer than usual but was to be expected with it being a new launch. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived in a pink dust bag, I think it’s a really nice touch and it means that if I’m not using the makeup pouch I can put it away in this and it won’t get ruined.

The Makeup Bag

Moving onto the product itself, the makeup pouch is absolutely adorable. It doesn’t feel cheap, and I love the rainbow polka dot pattern. The vegan material is very soft and buttery, it definitely has that amazing quality Spectrum is well known for. The wrist strap and detachable mirror are cute details too.

I’m glad I went for the pouch and not the camera bag, I feel like the pouch is more useable. But that’s just my personal preference. This bag is perfect to keep in your bag with enough room for brushes, makeup and more.

The Brushes

I have bought from Spectrum before so I had no fears of quality issues at all. The handles of each brush are sturdy, and the synthetic hairs of the brush are soft and feel high quality. The beauty of Spectrum’s company is that everything they sell is vegan-friendly and cruelty free.

Following the rainbow theme from the bag, each brush is a different colour of the rainbow:

  • Deep Pink – A01 Large Domed Powder
  • Soft Pink – B01 Flat Top Buffer
  • Lilac – A04 Tapered Finishing Brush
  • Turquoise – A10 Fan Brush
  • Yellow – A07 Colour Applicator
  • Blue – B06 Tall Tapered Blender
  • Peach – A24 Brow Styler with Spoolie
  • Green – C06 Tulip Eye Contour

With some brush sets, you can sometimes have brushes that you forget about and never use. This isn’t the case with this one, every brush is useable! You really get your money’s worth.

I am so happy with this purchase! Spectrum is my favourite brand for makeup brushes and they continue to stand out in the industry with their unique creativity and quality products. They truly deserve and have earned the excellent reputation they have built for themselves. I cannot recommend their brushes enough!

What are your thoughts on the new collection? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Love, Beth x


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