September Goals!

Hi guys!

I know we’re already 6 days into September and all, but it’s not too late to set my goals for the month right? I really enjoyed setting my goals in August, and was excited by the outcome at the end, which is why I decided to do it again this month. Once again, I’ve set myself 4 goals to achieve.

Reach 200 views on my blog

I’m happy to slowly increase my view target each month, I know this can be achievable and I’m excited to see the tally at the end.

Hit 50 followers on my blog

I smashed my target last month and of course, I’d love to welcome more people to follow my blog. This would be a proper milestone too!

Start using a planner to become more consistent with my blogging

Everyone who knows me knows I love a bit of stationery. For my birthday, my mam bought me a lovely planner which is just the right size to write everything down that I need to. It also has a notes section the back, bonus!

Master the art of winged eyeliner!

For my makeup goal this month, I’m going to conquer my fear of eyeliner. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty good at creating a sharp wing on one eye, but when it’s time to do the other eye? Well, it’s just a hot mess most of the time. So, I’m going to teach myself how to create even wings that are sharp enough to injure someone if I need to.

What goals have you set yourself this month? Let me know down below! 🙂

Love, Beth x

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2 thoughts on “September Goals!

  1. I can’t do winged eyeliner. I’ve tried so many different ways, techniques, and tricks, so I’m blaming myself. I just can’t do it. Best of luck to you on your goals!


    1. it’s so hard! 😩 I’ve heard that the stamp liner is pretty good, maybe that’ll work. thank you, and thank you for commenting as always, I really appreciate it! 😊

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