About Me

“I definitely don’t have this nude lipstick shade, I swear.” – Beth, a definite makeup junkie.

Welcome to Beth’s Beauty Room! My name is Beth, I’m 22 and from a tiny corner of England. As a self-professed beauty junkie I needed to find a way to justify my buys and what better way to do that than to share them with you lovely people? Here I share my thoughts on the latest beauty releases, my recent purchases and any tips I’ve picked up over time.

Makeup has become a deep passion of mine, I love the way the art and industry is always growing and evolving. There’s always room for new trends and the classic looks are never pushed to the side either. And Lord knows, I can’t resist wandering around the beauty section of a department store, or any shop for that matter!

That sounds like you, right? Well then welcome home! If you would like to see this on the reg, be sure to hit that follow button at the top or enter your email address below to receive notice when I post πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Love, Beth x

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